The Adolescent reproductive health program held 8th May 2018 at the Government secondary school Apo, Abuja . It covered sex education, personal hygiene and life style issues that affect young girls, it was a huge success and educating as we were able to reach out to 400 young girls. It was in deed a busy week, as we spoke to the girl on how to maintenance good personal hygiene among others we thought the girls the importance of cutting their finger nails, washing their hand regularly as well as the use of sanitizers to ensure a more healthy life.

Adolescent Reproductive Health is one area that needs quality attention as lot of young people expecially girls are exposed to sexually transmitted diseases as many of them lack knowledge on how to protect themselves from being infected. We encourage abstinence and also encourage the use of condoms for those that cannot abstain. We also distributed free exercise books, food and drinks to the pupils as a way of encouraging them.
At the end of the program the students had lots of question on sex education and some of the life style issues affecting them, their questions were well answered. It was a good time with this young women at Government Secondary School Apo.